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Small Mobile Crushers, Screeners, & Shredders


Small Mobile Crushers, Screeners, & Shredders

When other portable plants are just too much, KOMPLET is just right. Komplet has been the leader in the world of mobile mini construction waste recycling equipment for over 20 years. We provide high-performance equipment respecting the environment through suitable solutions that are effective for all applications. The Komplet range of small mobile crushers, screeners, and shredders are affordable, project-focused, versatile solutions that can operate in the most demanding of applications including reinforced concrete, recycled asphalt, construction, and demolition waste, wood, natural rock, and soils. We are proud to provide the perfect solutions for on-site recycling when it comes to mobile crushing, screening, and shredding of material on your job site; eliminating the additional costs of hauling, tipping fees, and repurchasing of material.

Here at Komplet America we go above and beyond to make sure our customers are 100 percent satisfied, striving to build a long-lasting relationship. It is our goal to give you the peace of mind you deserve, that is why it is our standard operating procedure is to thoroughly test the equipment using actual materials from job sites, and fully service all new Komplet units to ensure their readiness before they are delivered to you. In addition to providing great service and putting our customers first, we take pride in maintaining a fully stocked inventory, ready to provide you with parts as soon as possible, which minimizes your downtime. Count on Komplet America to provide you with the support and equipment to grow your business with new solutions that will change the aggregate market.

komplet-k-jc503-mobile-jaw-crusher-machine-for-sale-komplet-americaRequest Quotekomplet-k-jc503-mobile-jaw-crusher-machine-for-sale-komplet-americaEngine Type: Kubota Stage V
Engine Horsepower: 25 hp
Jaw Size: 19″ ✕ 12″
Production: Up to 34 tph
Working Size (L ✕ W ✕ H): 14’11” ✕ 4’9″ ✕ 6’5″
Transport Size (L ✕ W ✕ H): 10’11” ✕ 4’9″ ✕ 7’1″
Weight: 7,496 lbs.
K-JC503 Jaw Crusher
komplet-k-jc704-mobile-jaw-crusher-komplet-americaRequest Quotekomplet-k-jc704-mobile-jaw-crusher-machine-for-sale-komplet-americaK-JC704 Jaw CrusherEngine Type: Doosan Tier 4 Final
Engine Horsepower: 74 hp
Jaw Size: 27″ ✕ 16″
Production: Up to 90 tph
Working Size (L ✕ W ✕ H): 28’7″ ✕ 7’3″ ✕ 8’1″
Transport Size (L ✕ W ✕ H): 18’1″ ✕ 7’3″ ✕ 7’3″
Weight: 26,455 lbs.
rock-crusher-k-jc805-mobile-jaw-crusher-komplet-north-americaRequest Quotekomplet-k-jc805-mobile-jaw-crusher-machine-for-sale-komplet-americaK-JC805 Jaw CrusherEngine Type: Doosan Tier 4 Final
Engine Horsepower: 130 hp
Jaw Size: 31″ ✕ 21″
Production: Up to 160 tph
Working Size (L ✕ W ✕ H): 38′ ✕ 17′ ✕ 9’4″
Transport Size (L ✕ W ✕ H): 30′ ✕ 8’2″ ✕ 9’4″
Weight: 39,800 lbs.
Kompatto 221 Mobile ScreenerRequest Quotekomplet-kompatto-221-mobile-screener-machine-for-sale-komplet-americaKompatto 221 ScreenerEngine Type: Kubota Tier 4 Final
Engine Horsepower: 25 hp
Screen Size: 7′ ✕ 3.5′
Production: Up to 90 tph
Working Size (L ✕ W ✕ H): 12’8″ ✕ 10’7″ ✕ 8′
Transport Size (L ✕ W ✕ H): 12’8″ ✕ 7’3″ ✕ 7’3″
Weight: 7,275 lbs.
Kompatto 104 Mobile Compact ScreenerRequest Quotekomplet-kompatto-104-mobile-screener-machine-for-sale-komplet-americaKompatto 104 ScreenerEngine Type: Doosan Tier 4 Final
Engine Horsepower: 45 hp
Screen Size: 9’9″ ✕ 4′
Production: Up to 220 tph
Working Size (L ✕ W ✕ H): 25’9″ ✕ 23’6″ ✕ 10’2″
Transport Size (L ✕ W ✕ H): 25’5″ ✕ 7’3″ ✕ 9’8″
Weight: 17,636 lbs.
Kompatto 5030 Mobile ScreenerRequest Quotekomplet-kompatto-5030-mobile-screener-machine-for-sale-komplet-americaKompatto 5030 ScreenerEngine Type: Doosan Tier 4 Final
Engine Horsepower: 45 hp
Screen Size: 8’10” ✕ 3’9″
Production: Up to 280 tph
Working Size (L ✕ W ✕ H): 30’8″ ✕ 35′ ✕ 9’2″
Transport Size (L ✕ W ✕ H): 31’5″ ✕ 7’2″ ✕ 8’2″
Weight: 26,455 lbs.
Krokodile Mobile Compact ShredderRequest Quotekomplet krokodile mobile slow speed shredder machine for sale komplet americaKrokodile ShredderEngine Type: Volvo Stage 4
Engine Horsepower: 220 hp
Shaft Size: 60″
Working Size (L ✕ W ✕ H): 27’6″ ✕ 7’3″ ✕ 12′
Transport Size (L ✕ W ✕ H): 23’7″ ✕ 7’3″ ✕ 7’5″
Weight: 34,000 lbs.
mt5000-mobile hammer mill-track-komplet-north-america-1Request Quotekomplet-mt5000-mobile-hammer-mill-for-sale-komplet-americaMT5000 Hammer MillEngine Type: Kubota Stage V
Engine Horsepower: 25 hp
Inlet Opening: 16″ ✕ 12″
Working Size (L ✕ W ✕ H): 14’7″ ✕ 4’9″ ✕ 6’11”
Transport Size (L ✕ W ✕ H): 14’7″ ✕ 4’9″ ✕ 6’11”
Weight: 7,495 lbs.

Mobile Crushing & Screening Solutions For The Recycling of All Types of Material

Don’t waste downtime between excavation removal and material replacement. Our innovative, high-performance products complete work quickly and effectively – improving your job site’s productivity and bottom line. Komplet compact mobile crushers, screeners, and shredders are remote-operated and easy to use. Count on Komplet America as your source for premium quality material processing equipment and to find the machines and support that are perfect for your needs. Browse our small mobile crushers, screeners, and shredders and contact us with any questions.

Equipment We Support
  • Jaw Crushers
  • Vibrating Screeners
  • Hammer Mills
  • Shredders
Industries We Serve
  • Dealerships & Rental Houses
  • Construction
  • Recycling
  • Demolition
  • Landscaping
Materials We Process
  • Concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Brick
  • Wood
  • Domestic Waste

Create your own destiny when you crush, screen, and shred directly on-site. Small mobile equipment that gets the job done right.

Komplet Mini Mobile Crushers for Construction, Demolition, and Excavation
Komplet Mobile Rock Crusher, Screener, & Shredder - Parts & Support

Komplet Mobile Crushers Features & Benefits

  • Eliminate construction and demolition waste on-site
  • Improve site productivity by removing wasted downtime between excavation removal and material replacement
  • See immediate savings in time, labor, and expenses when you crush and recycle on-site
  • Operator-friendly, easy-to-understand user interface reduces training time and costs
  • Fully remote controlled and easy to transport, allows a fast and simple set-up and working procedures by a single operator

We are happy to announce Komplet America is the distributor for premium portable waste recycling machines and quality material processing equipment. We are excited to bring 20 years of Komplet small mobile crushers, screeners, and shredders to the USA. Finally an affordable, reliable solution for crushing, screening, and shredding! Become a dealer or rental house to offer your customers a great solution with a solid return on investment.

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