K-JC503 Mobile Jaw Crusher


Do you need equipment that can work in limited access job sites? The K-JC503 is our most compact mobile jaw crusher, providing an ideal solution for construction companies and contractors who want to recycle their construction and demolition waste onsite. Equipped by tracks and radio remote control, the K-JC503 mobile jaw crusher allows you to directly reutilize CRUSHED material, avoiding transport costs. Stop wasting time and money on excavation and demolition waste removal. Create your own destiny when you start crushing onsite with our jaw crushers.

• Remote control for all the movements

• Magnetic roller
• Dust dumping system
• Side protection kit

• Length: 14.9 ft
• Width: 4.7 ft
• Height: 6.4 ft
• Length: 14.9 ft
• Width: 4.7 ft
• Height: 6.4 ft

Contact our team today to learn how the K-JC503 mobile jaw crusher can improve your job site productivity saving you time and money.

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