Kompatto 221 Mobile Screener


The Komplet Kompatto 221 mobile screener is the smallest self-propelled screening plant on the market today. It is powered by a 25hp diesel engine and features a wide vibrating system composed of two screens, the main unloading conveyor for the finest material, one foldable conveyor for medium material, and a discharging steel plate to unload the biggest size directly onto the floor. Lightweight, compact-sized, and featuring a robust chassis, it was designed for rubble and debris screening of material coming from construction and demolition, excavations waste, compost, asphalt, rock, etc. It features a vibrating 8′ x 4′ double-deck with interchangeable screens and meshes to meet all needs, and it also includes three extracting belts.

The Komplet Kompatto 221 mobile screener can be directly fed by an excavator or backhoe, it can also be fed by the crusher extraction belt or directly with the processed material. It can be placed directly under the unloading belt of a crusher or can be loaded by excavators. It is extremely efficient when loaded by every model of crushing buckets. A sole operator can obtain three different sizes of reusable material from a mere pile of waste material. Its versatility, compact size, and affordability make it unique. It operates in the most limited access areas, processing the same amount of materials as a large and much more expensive machine. It is fully remote-controlled, so as to allow a single operator to carry all feeding and screening operations.

The Kompatto 221 mobile screener has the ability to process any material up to the width of its screen deck (roughly 4′). Although dropping material of this size onto the screen will damage them, so we advise keeping the maximum material going into this screener below 15″. Then, the double-deck screen can be set up to output a range of material sizes from fine topsoil at 1/4″ to 5″ oversize. Our team is happy to speak with you about your application and needs to determine the correct screen deck set up for this machine.

The Kompatto 221 mobile screener will produce up to 90 tons per hour depending on the type of material being processed. This double-deck screen can produce three different end-product material sizes.

The Kompatto 221 mobile screener features a double-deck screen box that is 8′ x 4′ and has the ability to process three separate end-products. This mobile screener can process materials from topsoil to construction and demolition waste. In addition, this compact screener can process damp or sticky materials such as compost, however operates best with dry materials.



• Remote control for all the movements

• Side protection

• Length: 14.5 ft
• Width: 10.6 ft
• Height: 7.9 ft
• Length: 12.8 ft
• Width: 6 ft
• Height: 7.2 ft

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