Krokodile Mobile Slow Speed Shredder


Flexible, powerful, economical. Our Krokodile mobile shredder gives you all the advantages of mobile shredding while being extremely compact. This all-rounder shreds even difficult materials including concrete, wood, and more with its robust design and powerful engine. With this type of shredder, you have the opportunity to choose the control program depending on the type of feed material.

• Dog lead remote control
• Easy 2 use control panel
• Monitoring and remote access to the machine
• Gps geolocation
• Hydraulic cylinder to open sidewalls
• Quick and fast shafts
• Change system

• Shafts for wood & plastic
• Overband magnetic
• Rear tilt hopper
• Remote control to drive undercarriage/ rear hopper
• Spray bar
• Antidust system

• Length: 27.4 ft
• Width: 7.2 ft
• Height: 10.5 ft
• Length: 23.5 ft
• Width: 7.2 ft
• Height: 9.6 ft

Contact our team today to learn how the Krokodile mobile shredder can improve your job site productivity saving you time and money.

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