As winter draws nearer, employees who work on plants and operate mobile crushers worry about its implications on their work. This is due to the exposure to freezing and wet temperatures that can cause slips and hinder equipment performance. Thus, it is vital to learn to operate a crusher during winter as a professional to avoid on-site injuries.

A paramount key to properly operating mobile crushers in winter is ensuring they are well-maintained. Not only will this help increase production, but it will also help you keep track of your operating costs without spending extra on repairs. Here are some tips to help you run your crusher during the colder seasons.

Tips For Operating Your Crusher In The Winter

Clean spillage after everyday tasks

When wet or sticky materials such as snow, debris, or other materials spill over the crusher’s parts, it is essential to clean them immediately. Here’s because this material can freeze up overnight and cause start-up problems the next day.

Ensure conveyor belts are clean

A mobile crusher’s belt is one of the vital parts of the machinery that helps it perform efficiently during cold seasons. Therefore, it is essential to keep them clean, and you can do this by using belt heaters to de-ice the belt or using belt scrapers to reduce ice build-up.

Heat the machine before use

Heating your mobile crusher properly before use is necessary to allow your machinery fluids time to warm up. Note that many fluids have varying operating temperatures. So, it is essential to be using the appropriate type. For instance, the oil used during winter should have a lighter viscosity that aids its easy pump through the machine.

Safe Operation Tips For Mobile Crushers

It is crucial to remember that daily system inspection before and after use is key to safe operations for mobile crushers. Still, it is not enough to do this without following simple safety operation tips that can prevent accidents in the field. Having guidelines to operate the manual stone crusher can help, but here are some other suggestions.

  • Get a certification to operate a crusher.
  • Wear the appropriate safety glasses at all times.
  • Never operate above the capacity of the crusher.
  • Always wear a safety belt when on a crusher.
  • Keep the dangerous part of the crusher guarded at all times.

Tips For Maintenance And Repairs

Maintaining a stone crusher means keeping the equipment in good operation. Maintenance practices include planned functional checks, condition-based repairs, corrective replacement, etc. Still, good maintenance aids a long lifespan of a mobile crusher and increases productivity. 

  • Keep equipment leveled to ensure good production and screening efficiency.
  • Dust isn’t uncommon on sites, but it can enter the unit and cause problems when not adequately controlled. So, carry out regular planned maintenance to clean air filters.
  • Carry out predictive changes by replacing parts, i.e., belts that are due to be replaced even before failing.

Final Thoughts

Mobile crushers can function adequately during cold seasons. With the proper maintenance and fluids to keep them in good condition, you could even operate a crusher mechanism to yield increased production and uptime.

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