How to Select the Right Mobile Screener

Although all mobile screeners have the same general purpose, each model has unique features. Before selecting the right screener for your project, consider what features will boost your productivity and keep costs low. Also, think about where you’ll be operating the machine and whether you need to control it remotely.

What Size Do You Need?

A mobile screener’s primary performance indicator is its screen capacity, measured in tons per hour (TPH). TPH is the mobile screener equivalent of horsepower in cars. The higher the TPH rating, the more materials it can process, which directly translates into profitability.

Knowing your company’s needs and uptime is critical before choosing a screener model that matches your requirements. For example, if you need to sell 25,000 tons of materials per month and operate a screener 8 hours per day, 13 days per month, your screener must have a minimum of 240 TPH.

Screening Media Options

Although standard screeners come with wire mesh screens, you may need to adapt the screening media to the material to prolong their lifespan.

For example, stainless steel is more suitable for abrasive materials due to its higher wear resistance. Whereas, Bofar bars are ideal for separating dirt and concrete from more valuable objects.

The more screening media options offered, the more versatile your mobile screener is, allowing you to work in more environments and job sites.

Extra Convenience Features

Mobile screeners are more compact and convenient to operate than standard models. They can be operated remotely by a single individual, and their size makes them easy to relocate and maneuver in confined spaces.

However, you should also look for additional features that can increase their practicality on the job site, such as:

  • Remote control mode: This allows an operator to move and displace the screener from a distance.
  • Hopper vibrator: Improves material flow, increasing the screener’s processing efficiency.

Improve Job Site Productivity With Komplet America

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Whether you are looking to buy or lease, we can help you choose the right mobile screener to enhance your project’s overall performance.

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