Krokodile Shredder Application Background

Komplet‘s Krokodile shredder processing wood brush from the cleanup of farm pastures that included shredding tree branches, stumps, and vines. The wooden shafts used during this Krokodile shredder application made light work of the processed material that was then recycled and used on-site for backtrails.

Krokodile Shredder Application Highlights

Job Description:
Dead brush cleanup

Rental Time:
One week

Califon, NJ

Five acres


Type of Material:
Tree branches, stumps, and vines

Amount of Material at Start:
3,000-3,500 cubic yards

Amount of Material/Product at End:
1,500 cubic yards

Loading Equipment:
Excavator with grapple attachment

How often, long, and much production:
3 full days and able to produce 740 cubic yards a day at peak production with an output size of 5″

Was rebar pulled out clean:
No rebar involved

Why was Komplet chosen / benefits for job site:
Mobile versatile shredder needed for site location

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