LT 7040 Application: Concrete & Asphalt Demolition Waste

LT 7040 Application Background

Crushed demolition waste from rebuilding the extension to a port. The Komplet LT 7040 compact jaw crusher was utilized to recycle the concrete and asphalt into millings for use on future projects. Thank you to our end-user for taking the time to give our team your feedback and information on their LT 7040 application.

LT 7040 Application Highlights

Job Description:
Rebuilding extension to port

Rental Time:
Three weeks

Port Newark, NJ

Ten acres


Type of Material:
Concrete and asphalt

Amount of Material at Start:
3,000-3,500 cubic yards

Amount of Material/Product at End:
2,000-2,500 cubic yards

Loading Equipment:
Excavator with bucket

How often, long, and much production:
14 full days of production with an output size of an inch and a half resulting in 30 loads.

Was rebar pulled out clean:
Yes, mainly wire was extracted.

Why was Komplet chosen / benefits for jobsite:
Interested in trying the product.

If you have any immediate questions about this LT 7040 application or how general questions about our jaw crushers, then please contact us or fill out the form below to learn more about the latest Komplet has to offer.

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