Stone crusher is an indispensable part of quarry crushing or mining plants to produce construction material, such as base gravel or concrete and asphalt mixes. This crushed stone is used in a variety of applications, ranging from landscaping to highway construction.

Today, we will take you through different stone crusher equipment to help you land on the right one for your project.

What type of equipment is used to crush virgin stone?

For crushing stones, the material goes through two stages:

  • Breaking and size reduction
  • Sorting

Equipment like hydraulic breakers, impactors, and crushers are used to perform this tough job. They break large chunks of stones into small and usable grain sizes. Afterward, a screener is used to sort crushed stones in different sizes and then deliver them to perform their intended function. Natural or virgin crushers are known to be the hardest ones to break, so your equipment should be of high strength and quality.

What are the Different Types of a Stone Crusher?

There are 5 types of stone crushers to be used for industrial or commercial applications. Let’s learn about these types in detail:

Jaw Crusher

This type of stone crusher performs the heavy-duty task of crushing hard rocks, so they must be highly durable. There are further two types of jaw stone crushers; single toggle and double toggle jaw crushers.

Impact Crusher

Impact crusher can crush both hard and soft material, even if it contains moisture. They are used for both medium and fine crushing below hardness. 

Cone Crusher

Cone crushers are advanced hydraulic crushers with high power, size reduction ratio, and productivity. They are secondary crushers and suitable for medium-to-hard crushing.

Hammer Crusher

This type of stone crusher plant involves a high-speed rotary machine suitable for crushing medium hardness material. They have high crushing efficiency and the resulting material has a bit of powdery texture.

VSI Crusher

These are hydraulic impact sand-making machines that convert rock, pebbles, and sandstones into varying size grains. 

Why Would You Want to Crush Virgin Stone?

Crushing and screening virgin stone is a great source of generating revenue. Depending on your area, this crushed stone can help you earn $50 to $70 per ton. So if you want to generate some extra income or get prepared for your retirement, investing in a stone crusher machine plant is a wise option.

What is Crushed Stone Used For?

You don’t have to haul excess rock waste to landfills as this crushed stone is currently in high demand in industries. This material is used in many applications, for instance

  • In soil to enhance soil growing conditions
  • As a coating layer to level roads under the pavement
  • As a filler in pipes and drainage beds
  • In buildings to protect from excessive heat
  • In building bridges to prevent water erosion
  • In landscaping for decorative purposes
  • As a buffer layer between concrete and soil


Crushed stones are widely in demand, so contractors opt for a reliable and powerful stone-crushing solution. A stone crusher machine has different types with varying capabilities, so choose your crushing equipment according to your project demands or seek the help of a professional contractor to get the best stone crusher.

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