A gravel crusher, as exactly it sounds, reduces the size of the gravel into small and manageable pieces. Sounds easy, right? Not quite. The type of crusher you need largely depends on your site and output requirements.

Let’s dive into understanding gravel crushers to aid you in planning your next concrete or hardscaping project!

What Type of Equipment is Used to Crush Gravel?

In the rock, gravel, sand, or mineral processing industry, different types and styles of crushing equipment are used in material crushing or screening plants. The capabilities of an individual crusher decide where it is going to be used in your aggregate processing operations.

In case of gravel size reduction to suit a certain application, a gravel crusher with a high reduction ratio is a preferred choice. You need to select your equipment based on your project needs, including material characteristics, desired output size, and input size. 

You can opt for compression crushers, such as cone crushers, jaw crushers, or impact crushers, to get the desired gravel size for your project.

What is Crushed Gravel Used For?

Crushed gravel is a common raw material used in a range of construction applications. It is majorly used in road construction or maintenance as a construction fill, road base, or in blacktop. Additionally, crushed gravel has plenty of other minor uses, such as

  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Flower bed cover
  • Decorative hardscape

What are the Benefits of Crushing Gravel?

Crushed gravel has a plethora of industrial and commercial applications. When you input material into the gravel machine, it converts gravel into smaller parts. This way, the transport of material to commercial processes becomes easy and efficient. 

When used as a fill material or pipe bedding, the crushed gravel offers superior drainage. Moreover, it is a common ingredient in concrete mixes, giving strength and volume to the concrete. 

Some contractors even eschew concrete in favor of gravel while creating low-traffic roads, driveways, and walkways. The crushed stone creates a permeable, well-draining, and affordable surface, ensuring its longevity.

Most importantly, gravel is a natural construction material, so it is eco-friendly and won’t ever harm our environment. 

How To Choose The Right Gravel Crusher?

It is vital to choose the right gravel crusher to ensure the success of your project. Here are a few considerations before purchasing crushing equipment.

  • Consider the scope of your project; if your project is large-scale go for a powerful crusher that can effectively break large rocks 
  • Try to opt for equipment that can work on all types of rocks, from soft to hard ones.
  • Look for crusher gravel price and durability; if you are going for a cheap gravel stone crusher, make sure it has enough good quality to accomplish your project.
  • Look at the portability of your gravel crusher as well; if your project is in a remote location or you frequently move between different job sites, you need something lightweight yet powerful.
  • Focus on user-friendliness and ensure all controls are comfortable.


Crushed gravel has diverse use cases, so you need to select the right gravel crusher for your construction needs. There are different types of gravel crushers available, such as impact crushers, cone crushers, and jaw crushers. So make sure to choose a rock crusher for gravel according to the type and scope of your project. You can do this by consulting reliable and affordable crushing solutions that can make your project a success.

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