Stone crushing has become a fairly simple process thanks to the availability of modern jaw crushers. Still, some small crusher operators make mistakes that might damage the small rock crusher machine resulting in downtime and high repair costs. This article will highlight some of these mistakes and how they can be avoided.

What Are The Most Common Mistakes Crusher Operators Make?

Some of the most common mistakes that small rock crusher machine operators make are failing to prep material, doing a large job with a small crusher, and not following the safety measures properly. Ensure the machine is being used for the correct application and is properly maintained. Untrained persons should avoid using the small rock crusher machine. Below, we will discuss these mistakes in detail.

Doing Large Crushing Jobs With Small Crusher

The small rock crusher machine should not be loaded over its capacity. Even if you somehow manage to carry out your task, preparing the raw material will take much longer, resulting in much higher costs. Therefore, larger equipment like concrete pulverizer and hydraulic hammers should be used for jobs that exceed the overall capacity of your small-scale rock crusher. This will help you save time and money.

Not Preparing Materials For Your Crusher

A stone-crushing process is as good as its logistics and material preparation. Small-scale rock crushers can only handle a certain size of rocks. Therefore, it is necessary that materials should be readily available to avoid any interruptions in the process. The operators should use appropriate blast patterns, hydraulic hammers, and hydraulic pulverizers to ensure that the raw material is always ready to feed your crusher. The oversized pieces that cannot be crushed any further should be set aside.

Not Knowing The Equipment

While operating the small jaw rock crusher may seem simple, it is imperative to know the equipment’s basics. The operators should make sure to read the user manual and security precautions carefully before they start working on the machine. A mistake in operating the small crusher can jeopardize the project and put the workers’ lives in danger.

Renting Small Rock Crusher Machine Without Operator

Renting a small rock crusher machine without hiring an operator is even worse than having it operated by an inexperienced person. You can end up paying high repair costs in case the small crusher is wrecked in the process. Always make sure that the small crusher machine is being operated by a professional.

Not Following The Safety Measures

All small rock crusher machines come with safety guidelines. The operators should make sure to read them properly and always be prepared in case of an accident at the stone-crushing site. Everyone involved in the operation should know the precautions and hazards associated with small crushers.


Using small rock crusher machines with incongruous load capacities, inexperienced operators, and not following safety precautions can cause damage that will make the failure of the stone-crushing project more likely. Make sure to read the specifications of the machines properly before starting their use.

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