In a perfect world, your jaw crusher would operate 24/7/365 without any issues. However, reality often falls short of perfection. Here are 3 effective tips to maximize your jaw crusher’s uptime and keep it running all year smoothly!

What is a jaw crusher?

A jaw crusher is a compression-type machine typically used in heavy-duty industrial applications. Its purpose is to crush large rocks into smaller pieces. Jaw crushers are usually used as the first step in a crushing circuit. This helps prepare the rocks for the next stage in the crushing process.

Jaw crushers typically have two jaws, one fixed and one moving. The moving jaw opens and closes by compressing rocks between it and the fixed jaw. The size of the final product can be adjusted by changing the size of the opening at the bottom of the jaws.

Jaw crushers can handle rocks with compressive strengths up to 3,000 PSI. They can also handle abrasive materials such as granite, quartzite, and iron ore. Jaw crushers are typically used in quarrying and mining applications.

How does a jaw crusher work?

A jaw crusher uses compressive force to break material. This mechanical pressure is achieved by the crusher’s two jaws, which are fixed while the other reciprocates. There are also primary and secondary types of jaw crushers. They are among the most preferred crushers due to their ability to crush all materials regardless of hardness and abrasiveness.

Different types of jaw crusher

Jaw crusher machines are mainly classified into two types: compound pendulum and simple pendulum. Compound pendulum jaw crushers have a frame, eccentric shaft, big belt pulley, flywheel, side guard, elbow board, return spring, fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate, etc. The main structure of a simple pendulum jaw crusher is a rack, eccentric shaft, big belt wheel, flywheel, side guard board, elbow board, knee board, adjusting screw, returning spring, fixed board, movable board, etc.

How to maintain your jaw crusher to increase lifespan and performance

Jaw crushers are built to last and endure heavy workloads for many years. However, like any other machine, they will eventually need maintenance and repair to keep them running at their best. Here are some tips on how to maintain your jaw crusher and extend its lifespan:

Regular Checks and Reviews

To maximize the uptime of your jaw crusher, it is important to check and review the machine’s condition regularly. This will help you identify any potential problems that could cause downtime. You can also maximize uptime by performing preventative maintenance on the machine. This involves regularly checking and servicing the jaw crusher to ensure it is in good working condition. It is also important to train operators on how to use and maintain the jaw crusher properly. This will help minimize the risk of downtime due to operator error.

General Operation

  • To maximize the uptime of your jaw crusher, it is important to follow these tips:
  • Make sure that the feed material is evenly distributed across the entire width of the jaw plates.
  • Check that the jaw plates are free from excessive wear and tear.
  • Inspect the toggle system regularly to ensure it is functioning properly.
  • Lubricate all moving parts regularly.


To achieve the highest possible level of uptime, it is important to keep your crusher clean. Dust and other contaminants can build up on the crusher over time and cause it to work less effectively. In addition, regular maintenance is crucial for maximizing uptime. Be sure to keep an eye on things like wear on the jaws and other parts and oil levels in the lubrication system. Following these tips can help keep your jaw crusher running at its best.


Jaw crushers serve a lot of perks in industries. Hence, to get the best out of this equipment, it is imperative to keep them in high maintenance. They are available at affordable prices and sizes that suit your interest and purpose. Improve your effectiveness at work with jaw crushers.

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