Construction Planning Tips for 2022

More than 50% of contractors in the USA believe that net profits and industry growth are set to moderately increase in 2022. This is partly due to the passing of the Infrastructure Bill. But it can also be attributed to the housing market; not enough people are selling their homes to meet demand, so residential construction projects are rising.

However, contractors need a well-thought-out plan to successfully execute a construction project and capitalize on this industry growth. A well-planned construction project stays on time and budget, benefiting contractors and clients.

Three construction planning tips that maximize cost efficiency and worker productivity are gamifying the workspace, investing in on-site recycling equipment, and using construction management software.

Gamify the Workspace

Gamification of the construction site is a management style that gives workers frequent feedback about their performance and rewards successes. There are multiple ways to plan a gamified workspace, including a daily scoreboard that tracks crucial metrics.

If you need to focus on safety, the scorecard tracks how many hazards workers correct and report to management. This not only solves safety issues but trains workers to keep an eye out for hazards.

When planning your next construction project, think about what worker responsibilities would work well in a gamified system. Friendly competition can increase productivity, safety, and even worker interest in otherwise low morale projects.

Invest in On-Site Recycling Equipment

Construction waste is a huge detriment to worksite productivity, and it incurs high costs in tipping fees and transportation costs. Purchase or rent on-site recycling equipment to remove time-consuming and cost-incurring debris handling from your worksite. This equipment includes screeners, crushers, and shredders. They work together to create reusable filling material called aggregate with multiple uses on any construction site.

● Screeners

Mobile screeners take a heterogeneous pile of debris and separate it by debris size into three piles of like-sized debris. The size of debris in each pile is adjustable and can be as small as ¾”. The Komplet line of screeners is all remote controlled by one person so that most workers can focus on the construction project instead of debris removal.

● Crushers

Crushers rubblize concrete and other hard debris. The largest mobile crushers can reduce 31” x 20” debris down to ¾” aggregate material. Komplet’s Crushers are compact, so they can be easily transported to any worksite on a semi-trailer for on-site recycling.

● Shredders

Mobile shredders are ideal for worksites that handle a lot of bio-debris along with small concrete debris and wood waste. Home designers who have to demolish an old home or portions of a home could use Komplet’s Krokodile Shredder to turn wood waste and concrete debris into usable aggregate material.

Plan with Construction Management Software

Small and large contractors use construction management software for ordering materials, monitoring progress, organizing work schedules, centralizing communication channels, and much more. Even when a project manager works from home, they can stay up-to-date on a project’s progress with construction management software.

There are a lot of software programs available, and they are optimized for different sized crews and types of projects. Use websites that filter software programs by crew size, project size, and reviews to find the best software for your company.

Plan to Make the Most of 2022

The construction contracting market is booming, and with the right planning, your business could reap the benefits. Contact Komplet America if your company has projects on the horizon and needs on-site recycling equipment.

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