Pros and Cons of Using Crushed Concrete

Crushed concrete is a valuable resource on construction sites. Contractors can use crushed concrete in numerous projects, such as walkways, pathways, roadways, gravel driveways, raised garden beds, drainage projects, and erosion control retaining walls.

Although crushed concrete has many uses, this resource has unique properties, and using it for your project has some pros and cons. Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of crushed concrete is essential to determine the best materials for the job.

Properties of Crushed Concrete

Crushed concrete, also known as recycled concrete aggregate (RCA), consists of debris, fragments, and chunks of broken waste concrete and crushed asphalt. Waste concrete is typically sourced from demolition sites, such as roads, parking lots, concrete blocks, structural elements, and other demolition projects.

Because it is a construction waste product, many companies dispose of waste concrete in landfills. However, a more sustainable alternative is to recycle it. Construction companies can process waste concrete on demolition job sites using crushing equipment, such as mobile jaw crushers like the Komplet K-JC 805.

Benefits of Using Crushed Concrete

Using, producing, and recycling crushed concrete in construction projects offers companies numerous tangible benefits.

Low production costs

Investing in crushing and processing equipment is a cost-effective solution to deal with waste concrete and many other types of construction waste material. A mobile shredder such as the Komplet Krokodile can help you produce large quantities of crushed concrete and asphalt on the field.

The operating costs of using this equipment are much lower than typical alternatives, such as buying new concrete and gravel or outsourcing to another company to handle your waste concrete. Crushing your own concrete also makes it immediately available, with no delivery delays or waiting times other than the time it takes for your equipment to process it.


The EPA’s Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) program encourages construction and demolition (C&D) companies to prioritize recycling and reusing C&D materials instead of disposal.

Producing crushed concrete is one of the most efficient and environmentally-friendly ways of handling waste concrete. It significantly reduces landfill space usage, helps conserve natural resources used in the manufacturing process of new concrete, and minimizes emissions generated to transport and dispose of concrete.

Multiple applications and purposes

Construction companies can create different types of crushed concrete suitable for numerous applications. Examples include the following:

  • A roadway or driveway material, either directly or as a sub-base
  • Road sidewalks, curbs, and gutters
  • Drainage wall fillings
  • Noise walls
  • Road embankments, median strips, and shoulders

Cons of Crushed Concrete

Although crushed concrete has many advantages, it may be unsuitable for every circumstance. Here are potential drawbacks to consider.

Aesthetic issues

Construction projects made using recycled materials like crushed concrete have a noticeably different look and feel than new concrete. Although it is an excellent choice for foundations, base layers, sub-bases, and other less visible elements, you may need new production materials to achieve a clean look on construction projects where aesthetics are a concern.


Crushed concrete is less durable than new, fresh concrete, making it unsuitable for heavy-duty applications, such as high-traffic or heavy vehicle driveways. Projects using crushed concrete as a base material are more vulnerable to damage and more likely to develop dents, ruts, and potholes.


Studies have demonstrated that recycled concrete has higher permeability than natural aggregates. This means that crushed concrete driveways and other projects are more vulnerable to moisture damage and the elements than new asphalt driveways. Water and humidity are more likely to cause rutting or cracks to the crushed concrete surface.

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