The intense competition between construction businesses isn’t just for available work but also for construction materials and fuel costs needed to complete a contract. This competition will not end if recycling construction materials doesn’t become the solution for construction businesses.

With the viable markets for recycled products, identifying construction materials recycling as a potential revenue stream can set your business above the competition. The major advantage is understanding that the materials headed to the landfill are profitable products to be used to your advantage.

What Is Reclaiming And Recycling Construction Materials?

Reclaiming and recycling construction materials means reusing building materials from their original purpose and rechanging them for use in another way. Although reclaiming and recycling share a distinct difference, they are quite similar methods for recycling construction materials.

Reclaiming any construction material means it is used in the same fashion it was gotten without any change but at a different location or using the material to serve the same purpose as its original. In comparison, recycling materials for construction means reusing building materials by remaking them into something new or renovating or constructing other buildings.

What Type Of Construction Materials Goes For Recycling And Reusing?

There are seven types of construction recycling materials, and they are; 

  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Wood
  • Drywall
  • Flooring 
  • Glass

But Komplet America processes five types of construction materials for recycling and reusing: concrete, brick, asphalt, wood, and one exempt but highly important from the general list, domestic waste.

Although materials like lighting and bathroom fixtures can be referred to as recycled construction materials, they fall under the material they were initially made from, like glass, wood, etc.

How Can Your Business Benefit From Recycled Construction Materials?

Your business has huge potential when you capitalize on the recycling of construction waste materials such as steel, wood, asphalt, brick, and domestic waste. These include;

  • Selling recycled construction materials since it is more advantageous because they are more affordable than new materials, which means you are most likely to have an increase in buyers.
  • The money factor continues as using recycled materials checks outs some levels of government charges, including taxes. You are liable to other incentives and building loans and grants when recycled materials are used for construction.
  • Easily attain permits from municipalities with limited landfill and domestic waste because of their interest in recycled waste.

Why Choose Komplet America Equipment For Construction Materials Crushing?

Komplet America types of equipment are high-performing innovative machines built for excavation removal and material replacement to save your time and energy. 

  1. Our machines are remote-operated and easy to use to improve the site’s productivity and retain the material for recycling.
  2. Our small mobile screeners, shredders, and crushers are trusted for optimum services, and you can trust us for maintenance, repair, and replacement of parts when needed.
  3. Our goal is to help you improve your business through well-equipped and perfectly arranged machines that deliver top-notch work.


Construction materials recycling is not a random business that you should dive into without proper planning and perfectly working machines to do the job, and Komplet America can do both.

Contact us today for whatever assistance that you might need in the construction recycling business. We’ll see that all your questions are answered and your problems solved.

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