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Komplet rebrands celebrating 20 years revealing a new logo, tagline, and state-of-the-art equipment during September’s global dealer meeting in Italy. Our President was in attendance where they had the chance to demo new models, learn about improvements on core models, and celebrate Komplet’s 20th birthday! Komplet set up an incredible demo park with the new crusher, screener, and shredder models. Komplet America and the dealer network got a firsthand look at how powerful these innovative machines are, including, the new Krokodile seen below shredding wood and concrete with ease.

We took back from the trip an inspiring message, mission, and understanding of Komplet’s goals, dedication, commitment, quality, and solutions. In our most recent global meeting with Komplet’s dealer network we noted everyone had these same values and drive to provide solutions and answers to their customer’s needs.

The phrase, Never Enough is a part of the new logo, slogan, and tag line for Komplet. However, this phrase is far from new where Komplet and the culture have always thought we can do more. This doesn’t mean quality is poor, design is poor, or intentions aren’t there. It means we always work to improve. We are always working to improve our equipment, operations, service, and relationships within our network. We will tweak things here, tweak things there, and we always welcome feedback. Globally, the customer is the best engineer.

When we say Global Family in Business, we mean global intentions and communication. We create jobs together, in North America and Europe, and throughout the world. We build and distribute products that are affordable, and solution based for the construction and recycling industry. We build a better future with our work. We are a Global Family, because behind the scenes of making decisions, we operate in less of a corporate way, and more as a community with a focus on passion, dedication, and communication.

Back from the global meeting, our President brings to Komplet America this mindset where we are equally dedicated to each other. We are eager to provide solutions and continue to grow our Global Family in Business. In thinking back to her time with Komplet, our President adds, “It’s nice to find a family where you never knew you had one.” Click below to view our new models and contact us now to join our Global Family.

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