How To Crush Large Rocks Into Smaller Stones?

Crushing stones into smaller sizes might seem like a task requiring much effort, but the whole process is easy if you use the right equipment in a stone crush plant. For example, soft rocks such as sandstone can easily break down using an excavator with an attached hydraulic breaker.  

In contrast, harder rocks such as granite, trap rock, and basalt need more crushing power; hence, a stone crusher machine such as a jaw crusher will be more suitable for crushing down the rocks.

What Types Of Stone Can You Crush?

You can crush different types of stones, including natural stones, although they might need a larger mobile stone crusher with greater crushing power to break them down. Still, some common types of rocks, usually broken down into smaller stones, are limestone, granite, basalt, trap rock, and quartzite.

What Can Crushed Stone Be Used For?

The benefits of crushed stone are nearly unlimited. Aside from the construction aggregate being inexpensive and suitable for road building and construction purposes, its versatility ranges wide. Here are some of the several benefits of crushed stone.

Railroad Ballasts

Unlike gravel with smooth edges due to exposure to natural running water, crushed stones have unsmooth edges. Thus, these stones are perfect for railroad ballast to keep tracks in place and withstand the train’s weight.

Chicken Feed Additives

Crushed stones also provide chickens with the minerals they require for a balanced diet. For instance, crushed limestone is a source of calcium. In addition, these crushed stones also assist them with grinding their meal for digestion.

Erosion Control

If you have a larger piece of crushed concrete, you can use it to create riprap, otherwise known as shot rock, to manage erosion. You can arrange the crushed stones around a beach’s shoreline to absorb the beach’s force as it churns back and forth to prevent degradation of the shorelines.

What Stone Crusher Machine Should You Use To Crush Rock?

You can use several stone crusher machines to reduce large slabs of rocks into smaller stones. Below are the basic types of stone crushers.

Jaw Crusher

These are the most popular portable stone crushers worldwide. Also known as rock breakers, their primary objective is to reduce large stones into smaller pieces that you can transport to other machines for processing. 

Hammer Crusher

The crushers are more suitable for medium hard materials, including limestone, coke, coal, etc., in the metallurgy, chemical, and cement sectors. Still, hammer crushers deliver an efficient job of crushing stones with a high-speed rotatory crushing technique.

Cone Crusher

Cone crushers work by compressing material until they break into smaller pieces. The portable stone crusher can break down medium to very hard materials and are suitable for crushing materials in construction, silicate, and metallurgical industries.

Impact Crushers

Impact Crushers are used in many industries, including mining, energy, transportation, etc. because they are effective for crushing soft and medium hard materials. Depending on the size and technology, you can use them as primary or secondary crushers.

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