A crusher is a device that transforms large stones, chunks of concrete, or other building materials into smaller ones with a predetermined grain size using mechanical energy. They are particularly utilized in mining to shrink ore chunks and speed up processing. Blocks of a certain maximum size can only be put into crushers. To get the required end product, it may be necessary to go through many crushing procedures. 

A typical mobile crushing equipment could be stone, concrete, or gravel crushing equipment. It has a wide range of crushing abilities.

The Capabilities Of Crushing Machine

In order to get the best mobile/rock crushing equipment, it’s important that you understand the capabilities of the crushing machine, some of the capabilities to consider include:

  • Hardness and Abrasiveness

Knowing the material that will be crushed, especially its abrasiveness and hardness, is crucial. Before breaking, you must assess the material’s compressive strength or the greatest force it can withstand. 

  • Measurements

You must consider the machine’s maximum allowable dimensions (length, width and thickness). 

  • Granulometry 

The desired outcome, or the grain size after crushing, must be specified. 

  • The ability to (throughput)

You must ascertain the processing throughput (or capacity) required for your use. Tonnes/hour are used to measure this.

Downtime Requirements

It is important to understand the downtime requirements of mobile crushing equipment to keep it in good shape. Let’s walk through some of the downtime requirements of the mobile crushing equipment:

  • Preventative maintenance makes use of routine examinations and checks. You can save future hassles by replacing parts in advance of failure. 
  • Understanding how particular long parts last before they need to be replaced is essential for predictive maintenance. These replacements are influenced by the condition of the motor’s operating hours, filters, belts, and lubricants. 
  • To prevent more damage, reactive maintenance restores broken parts as they occur. However, it typically causes longer downtime. 
  • A scheduled maintenance program can lower the expense of catastrophic damage while ensuring that your machines continue to operate effectively through routine inspection. To ensure maintenance inspections are finished on schedule, keep a journal of them. 


One crucial factor to consider when purchasing mobile crushers is the equipment’s cost. To prepare for how much money and financial resources you’ll need to save, you must be sure that you have an approximate amount in mind. If you’re in charge of a building contractor business or want to purchase small-scale crushing equipment, try to be mindful of your spending. 

Komplet America can provide you with various Komplet crushers and other kinds of crushers that are inexpensive, effective, and can give you the most value for your money when it comes to all types of aggregate operations, even though prices for various types of heavy equipment may vary. 

Should I Buy or Lease My Crushing Equipment?

Leasing typically needs less money upfront, which has a less significant impact on cash flow than buying does throughout the asset’s life. Leasing may provide more possibilities for staying up to date with the newest, most cutting-edge equipment, although buying often allows you greater freedom for modifying or selling machines if needed. 

Purchasing mobile crushing equipment might be the best option if you have steady cash flow because it often has a cheaper total cost of ownership. But leasing can be a better option if cash flow is limited or uncertain. It typically doesn’t demand a sizable upfront investment and allows you to stretch the expense over several years with monthly payments with the option of buying for a lower price after the lease. 

In the end, what matters most is what you value as a business owner and what will serve your short- and long-term objectives the best.

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