Training on Rock Crushing Equipment

The purpose of crushing on-site is to provide contractors additional value to construction & demolition waste, as well as, produce reusable material with low environmental impact. We are happy to share information that has been provided by Komplet a manufacturer of rock crushing equipment for over 20 years. In this blog, we review rock crushing principles, characteristics of bulk materials, types of rock crusher machines we sell, and environmentally successful recycling. Please continue to read to answer the questions of what is a jaw crusher and how does a concrete crusher work.

Questions to ask before using a portable rock crushing machine

What material shall I crush?

What final product do I need?

What production do I need?

What crushing method shall I use?

What type of crusher shall I use? 

What product do I get?

Characteristics of Bulk Materials


Recycling C&D

  • Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Reinforced Concrete


  • Ore
  • Waste


  • Rock
    • Granite
    • Limestone
    • Sandstone
    • Bluestone
  • Gravel
    • River gravel
    • Sea gravel

Additional information about the crushing process

The following slideshow is a brief overview of the characteristics of bulk materials that portable rock crushing services work with on a daily basis.


How rock crushing machines work – Jaw Crushers

The following slideshow is a brief overview of what is a jaw crusher and how exactly does a concrete crusher work.

Why Compact & Why Komplet Portable Rock Crushing Machines

Environmentally Successful Recycling

When you send C&D waste to a landfill or centralized recycling center:

  • Waste time & money to load & move from site to site
  • Cost for new fresh material
  • Cost for trucking

When you process C&D waste on-site with a portable rock crusher:

  • Save time & money avoiding tipping costs from site to site
  • Zero costs for new material
  • Zero costs for trucking
  • C&D crushed in surplus is ready for a new site

In conclusion, portable rock crushing equipment benefits include:

  • Eliminate construction and demolition waste on-site
  • Improve site productivity by removing wasted downtime between excavation removal and material replacement
  • See immediate savings in time, labor, and expenses when you crush and recycle on-site
  • Operator-friendly, easy-to-understand user interface reduces training time and costs
  • Remote controlled and easy to transport, allows a fast and simple set-up and working procedures by a single operator

Komplet America is the distributor of premium portable waste recycling machines and quality material processing equipment. We are excited to bring 20 years of Komplet small mobile crushers, screeners, and shredders to the USA. Finally an affordable, reliable solution for crushing, screening, and shredding! Contact our team to become a dealer or rental house to offer your customers a great solution with a solid return on investment.

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